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Sharing Workshop Space


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TheHiveLab is a creative space for makers and designers. We have a well-equipped workshop, a bright-lit co-working space, and unique product design lead courses.

Our space is located at 800 Changde Road, Jing'an District. The building was a historical building once the factory of the Shanghai Electric Power Group. Now, history has been passed down and a new mission has been given.

TheHiveLab was founded by friends who graduated from the Royal College of Art. We want to bring the experimental spirit in design and hands-on learning experience back to Shanghai. We hope this space can lead to a new wave of hands-on movement. If you believe in creating through your hands, TheHiveLab is the place to go.

So far, TheHiveLab has been the home to various projects and courses like the Puppy Puppet, Noah's Station, IKEA Hack, Mini Bus, Bamboo Bike, etc. 

The fully-equipped workshop allows member to access to manual & power tools, plus automated machineries.


The loft interior structure incorporates a  workshop, a sharing bench area and a co-working office on the second floor.


Members and students gained hands-on experience and complete unique projects  through DIY workshops.

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Chinese Celebrity Peng Yuyan came to TheHiveLab and took his shot for a cover story of a magazine.

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