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Uncanny Home

3D-Printed Shelf Installation


"Uncanny Home" is a collaboration project with Anne Zhou. Anne was commissioned to curate a pop-up exhibition and design a set of installation that goes with it. I was responsible for technical consulting and manufacturing of the 3D printed modules. Below is an explanation of the project from Anne.  

Photo Credit: Chu Wang

‘Uncanny Home’ is a photography exhibition where no photography can be seen upon arrival. The concept is inspired by Sigmund Freud’s writing on uncanny feelings about mirrors, shadows, and souls. Since Covid, everyone has been forced to spend more time at home which we tend to take for granted as a familiar and mundane space. However, Freud wrote about the uncanny aspect of this intimate space. Instead of disguising each photograph, Anne designed a custom-made 3D printed shelf installation to hold each individual uncanny feeling. Each piece of photography is folded and placed vertically inside the gaps. The exhibition is a journey of discovering different notions of home.


Commissioned by the design research magazine DEMO, Anne designed a travel exhibition for their covid-related project ‘Uncanny Home’ in partnership with the fashion label 3ge3.

The shelving system is designed to be either hung or stacked.


Printed cards are inserted into the slots and can be withdrawn easily.


The DIY large-scale 3D printer is printing one of the units.

The stackable modular units.


Customized paper weight.

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