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Sustainable Air Purifier


Consumables deserve better design.

Conventional air filters used in air purifiers usually are made of up to 6 different materials, and all bonded together by glue, making them impossible to recycle. The growing quantity of consumable products makes them pose a larger threat to the environment than non-consumables.

Thanks to the origami structure and heat press process, the new filter is able to be produced by just one material, making it more sustainable than conventional ones. Method for mass production of the new filter is also under research and development.

Dirty air is sucked in from the bottom, then compressed through the air tunnel and finally pushed out through the filter.

Thanks to the air tight lock, the filters can be replaced easily without using glue in the fabrication process.


The origami inspired structure can be compressed into a much small shape to reduce packaging size.


The design and development of the filter structure.

IMGP2383 resize.jpg
IMGP2440 resize.jpg
IMGP2351 resize.jpg

Making of the filter mould.

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